The latest news that London, Essex, York and other areas will move to Tier 2 lockdown rules by this Saturday, October 17, is a stark reminder of the UK’s rising Coronavirus cases. Many countries around the world share in the disappointment in seeing infections increase again, despite an initial glimmer of hope of suppressing the virus.

When the outbreak first hit at the start of this year, people in the UK had a window in which they could choose to join family and friends abroad to wait out the pandemic, before a worldwide travel ban came into force. One Brazilian mother and son, Fernanda and Daniel, who live in Chiswick, made such a decision.

Brazil would subsequently see one of the worst outcomes of the pandemic. The country’s death toll has recently passed 150,000, making it the second-highest Coronavirus death toll in the world after the US. This week, it passed five million total infections.

While in Brazil during the months of initial lockdown, and witnessing the extreme cases and poverty around them, Daniel Lemme, 15, and his family decided to start their own food box initiative Projeto Cestou, which is similar to Chiswick’s local FoodBox charity.

Now back in Chiswick and after two weeks in quarantine, Daniel spoke to Amy Assad about how his family found the situation in Brazil, how it differed from UK and how they managed to progress their remarkable efforts.

You can visit Projecto Cestou’s Instagram page HERE