Can You Help?

If you’d like to be added to our list of amazing Chiswick residents who are offering help to those in need, please send your details to us HERE. We need to know your name, contact details (phone number or email)

These details will be passed on to those needing help so it’s important that you give us permission to do that!

We’re also keen for you to film a brief video on your phone, saying who you are, what sort of help you’re offering and what part of Chiswick is nearest to you. We will then add this video to your entry on the website.

The sort of help that is welcome is collecting food from local shops for those who can’t get out (remember to keep at least 2m away from others and please don’t offer help to the vulnerable if you’re feeling unwell) and phoning those who are isolated for a chat.

Thank you for your help!