Chiswick Charity Saves Thousands Of Children In Uganda

International Refugee Trust, a Chiswick based charity is saving the lives of thousands of children in Uganda. Using money which was generously donated by the parishioners at Our Lady of Grace and St Edward Catholic Church, the charity has created three boreholes to supply clean water in Northern Uganda.

The International Refugee Trust works to improve conditions and save lives in third world countries. Based in Chiswick, the Trust aims to empower the people of remote regions. With appropriate sustainable resources, the local people are more likely to remain in their villages with their families.

The donation is significant for the area as it’s literally saving the lives of children who die from water borne diseases. Nearly 5000 children per year die of such diseases in Uganda – roughly double the number of children attending state primary schools in Chiswick.

The boreholes not only prevent deaths, they also help to improve education in the region. Many children – especially girls – spend long days walking to collect water from distant, often polluted wells. The boreholes mean that clean water is readily available and the girls can spend their time at school.

You can find out more about the work of the International Refugee Trust here.