Since most of us rely on the gym to stay fit and healthy, many people are worried about the current situation. All gyms are now closed for an indefinite amount of time and most of us are staying inside as much as possible, we are all left wondering how long it will be until we can resume our normal workout routines! 


But fear not! I (Athina) am here to help!

Here are my top tips to stay fit whilst the gyms are closed and you’re staying at home: 

  • Do a home workout (there is lots of home gym equipment available online so get your hands on some and get lifting! I have some home workouts on the way so keep an eye out on this section of the website). I have linked a set of dumbbells below – these would be perfect for most home workouts! 
  • Learn a new dance on Youtube (I know you will all love this one) 
  • Practise some yoga (you’d be surprised at how much of a workout this actually is if you’ve never tried it) 
  • Do a full body stretching routine (something a lot of us neglect but what better time than now to start working on it) 
  • Work on your mobility (similar to stretching, this is something a lot of us forget about but having a decent level of mobility is so important in the long run) 

Of course, it’s difficult to stick to a set routine if you’re at home as there are so many distractions around, but I will be doing a post on how to stay motivated whilst working out at home very soon, as well as some home workouts that you can follow.

I hope these tips were helpful and remember, that doing SOMETHING is better than doing nothing when it comes to your health and fitness at home!

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