Our Philosophy

Our Vision is very simple – to ensure we exceed your expectations at every stage of your journey with us

Beauty Treatment Packages

We offer day packages and mini rituals (for those that have less time) which can be experienced in our relaxing and serene treatment rooms (where available). Should you prefer a bespoke journey, we would be delighted to assist you in creating a Ritual of your own choice – please ask one of the members at the cove by either calling or email us at your chosen branch.



Aesthetics Clinic @ The Cove

Dr. Kieran Kandola MBBCh, MRCP(UK), FRCA; MD of Rejuvena Aesthetics


Kieran works in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine and part of his daily job is carrying out extremely delicate injections and procedures on patients. He has turned these skills towards the provision of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, with excellent feedback and results. In addition to being a full-time Doctor, Kieran works out of multiple spas and beauty establishments in Southern England and Wales.


Treatments Offered:

Wrinkle Relaxation (Botox) & Dermal Fillers (prices as published online)


Hyperhidrosis – sweating is controlled by the same sort of receptors that are present in musculature, so by introducing over 20 blebs of botulinum in the superficial layers of the skin we can inhibit the sweat glands’ ability to work.

Procedure time: 30 mins | Effective for up to 12 MONTHS | Palms – £450 & Underarm – £450


Tension headache – A classical tension headache is worsened by stress or fatigue and is due to tightness of the muscles of the scalp, and in itself is often a self-perpetuating cycle. An injection of Botox will weaken the muscles’ ability to cause the tightness and therefore improve your headache

Procedure time: 30 mins | Effective for 6 – 9 months | procedure price £350


Jaw width reduction – If you find the musculature of your jaw broadens your face to an unacceptable degree, then this treatment is one to give real consideration to. Injections of Botox into specific regions of the musculature will cause it to atrophy and decrease in time over a period of 3 months. In order to maintain the excellent results, treatment should be repeated once more at 3 to 4 months and typically only need repeating every 8-9 months after this.

Procedure time: 40 mins |Price £350


Teeth grinding (bruxism) – Bruxism, or Teeth Grinding, often cause terrible headaches, keeps one’s partner awake at night and damages the individual’s teeth. In injecting specific muscular areas related to the forceful portion of jaw movement we can decrease this extremely effectively, and effects last for up to 6 months.

Procedure time: 40 mins | Price £450


Lip or Cheek Enhancement WITH a nerve block AND topical anaesthetic cream Lip/Cheek enhancement is performed under both topical anaesthetic cream AND a dental nerve block, which ensures comfort during and after the procedure… only £350


How to contact us

300-302 Chiswick High Road
London W4 1NP

020 8995 2293


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