Great British Mysteries 1599

Great British Mysteries 1599

Do you like mysteries? Do you like historical inaccuracies? Do you know the difference between Thomas More and Roger Moore? Then read on!

Great British Mysteries make their Chiswick Playhouse debut following two sold-out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe and transfers to Soho Theatre. 1599? is the follow-up to the company’s debut show from 2017. But set 400 years earlier. Confused? You will be.

In this edition, mystery hunters Olive and Teddy become embroiled with witches, haunted houses, and the scent of Cardinal Wolsey’s conscience. It’s like The Woman in Black meets Key Stage 2 Tudor History. Expect multi-roling, homemade sound effects and more gags than Henry VIII had wives. Seven?

For fans of Blackadder, Garth Marenghi and bubonic plague.


Jan 23 2020


7:30 pm



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Great British Mysteries 1599