Late Summer

Late Summer at Bedfont Lakes

Late Summer at Bedfont Lakes

An exhibition of photography by Karolina Koziel at Salisbury Cafe, Hounslow.

“My photography is about finding the gentle and the calm in my surroundings. I try to photograph the world the way it makes me feel, rather than focusing on the subject itself. Photography, to me, is a mindful practice which helps me to escape the busyness of everyday life and every time I pick up my camera I search for those fleeting peaceful moments, whether I photograph a tree blossom, misty forest or my local green space.”

About the Artist

Images have always been the biggest part of Karolina’s life. She viewed images, read about them, collected them and, when she got her first camera in her early teens, she started to create them herself. Her early photography circled around landscapes with elements of architecture and street photography.

It wasn’t until 2006, when she moved to London, that she decided she wanted to take her photography further. Since graduating in 2010 with a BA in Photography and Digital Imaging from University of West London (then Thames Valley University) Karolina has worked as a photographer on film sets shooting behind the scenes and stills as well as in a studio, photographing families and corporate portraits.

A change in her work environment from a busy photography studio to an art gallery helped Karolina to slow down. It gave her time to visit many green spaces in and around London and allowed her to focus on her current personal projects.

Karolina currently lives in Hanwell, and is working on a new blog, which focuses on encouraging others to spend more time in nature. It also looks at her visits to green spaces in and around London. The blog is all about seasonal, creative, mindful and intuitive living.


Jan 26 2020



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Late Summer at Bedfont Lakes