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“What if…?” An Exploration by Mike Aris

“What if…?” An Exploration by Mike Aris

Mike Aris is a geometric artist. He searches for nature’s hidden patterns, allowing structure and symmetry to emerge from the repetition and juxtaposition of the simplest visual elements, such as black and white triangles and quadrilaterals. He starts each new work not with an overall plan but by asking the question ‘What if…?’ – What happens if these triangles are connected this way or that way? Will anything interesting emerge?

Mike is a retired teacher, is married to a Mauritian and has a granddaughter at school in Hounslow. He feels very much at home in multicultural West London. He studied psychology at Brunel University, has lived in South Ealing for forty-six years and worked for over 30 years in local schools as a teacher of children with Special Educational Needs.

Now, as a person with Parkinson’s, he finds the process of geometric drawing to have enormous therapeutic value and he strongly recommends others, with or without Parkinson’s, to try their hand. All that is needed is time, patience and a measure of ‘What if…?’


Jan 02 2020



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“What if…?” An Exploration by Mike Aris