The pioneer of freerunning and one of the stars of James Bond’s Casino Royale, Sébastien Foucan has announced the expansion of his Academy into West London. The Foucan Freerunning Academy has chosen Chiswick School as its base from January 2015.



Sébastien offered a free taster session at Chiswick’s Super Saturday of Sport in July and quickly realised there was a real passion for freerunning in the area. “We had such an overwhelming response at Super Saturday from people of all ages and it became very clear to me that there is a strong appetite for freerunning in West London,” Sébastien added.

Chiswick School will host after-hours FFA sessions every Tuesday from January 6. The sessions will be open to beginners and improver freerunners in separate classes (not just Chiswick School students) for 12 year olds and upwards.

The Foucan Freerunning Academy currently holds regular sessions at the Moberley Sports and Education Centre in North London for children and adults twice a week. The Academy’s expansion into Chiswick is part of a strategy to further develop freerunning as an accessible and safe activity for all ages.