Local Police Offer Update Before Public Meeting

Neighbourhood Sergeant Anil Sharma has reported on the increased Police presence in Chiswick. This follows a series of incidents and the Public meeting which was held at St Michael and All Angels just before Christmas. You can see our annotated recording of the meeting HERE.

Sergeant Sharma reports that Operation Lindhouse has been set up by the West Area basic command unit to tackle muggings on school children and violent crime in Chiswick.

In response to the public concern reported in Chiswick Police have mounted a number of extra patrols and drafted extra officers into the area to conduct targeted stop and searches, where sufficient grounds exist, and to generally reassure the public by their presence. This has included officers from violent crime taskforce, operation Wolverine and Chiswick safer neighbourhoods who have been working hard to stop muggings and violence ensuring public safety.

Officers have been conducting high visibility patrols on both sides of Chiswick high Road, Chiswick common and Turnham Green terrace carrying out weapon sweeps throughout the area during the day and evenings. This has enabled a number of dangerous weapons to be taken off the streets.

In February Chiswick saw a large visible presence of Chiswick officers alongside colleagues from British Transport Police around Turnham Green Station. The Metropolitan police do take residents’ concerns very seriously and are determined to deal with criminals who enter the area robustly and effectively. There has been a number of positive arrests for robbery and those in possession of knives. This has enabled the Police and courts to deliver harsh penalties and sentences to those intent on committing crime and terrorising the community. There is work underway to ban these individuals from entering the Chiswick area.

There has been a large amount of work carried out by our schools officers through presentations on knife crime, after school patrols in Chiswick, consultation with head teachers and safeguarding leads to discuss knife crime with a view to target harden.

The local neighbourhood team have been working with partners from the council and local businesses to target harden hot spot areas. There is now a community safety camera installed in Chiswick Common and maintenance carried out by the Parks team to keep tree tops to a minimum and removing benches discouraging large groups to congregate.

There are further improvements to lighting being made in the Chiswick common area which is used as a route by school children and commuters during the evenings.

We want to reassure the public that Chiswick is one of the safest areas to live and work in London.

You can contact the local Police teams by phoning or emailing them:

Ward contact details

Turnham Green SNT are on 0208 247 6415

E- Mail turnhamgreen.snt@met.police.uk

PC Adam Pitts
PC Natalie Soden
PCSO Cheryl Spilsbury

 Chiswick Homefields SNT are on 0208 247 6415

E-mail chiswickhomefields.snt@met.police.uk

PC Sheridan Sabado
PC Leigh Tipper
PCSO Sally Bell

 Chiswick Riverside SNT 0208 247 6415


PC Matthew Alleyne
PC Prabhdip Singh