Staying Motivated Whilst Working From Home

by Athina Crilley


A lot of people have been saying that they’re struggling with sticking to a routine and staying motivated whilst they are staying at home. Having a general structure and routine in our day is quite easy to do when you’re going to work every day, especially if you have set work hours/shifts, so now that a lot of us are either working from home or unable to work due to the new government advice surrounding COVID-19, we are left feeling a bit lost! 


I’ve had many messages on my Instagram and Youtube from people asking me how I stick to a routine and stay motivated to do work whilst I am at home all day, so I came up with some of my top tips: 

  • Each morning, write yourself a to-do list 
  • Time block and organise your week using a calendar. I recommend Google Calendar if you don’t want to write it all out and this is what I use every week. I love Google Calendar because you can colour block everything and make it really clear and visual! 
  • If you are doing home workouts, plan your workout for the next day or for the next week so that you don’t have to spend half an hour figuring out what exercises you want to do on the day. I also recommend working out in the morning because it will wake you up, fill your brain with endorphins and set you off on a good note for the day ahead! 
  • Similarly, if you are working out from home, I recommend getting out your gym clothes and setting up your equipment (if you’re using some) the night before so that it’s all ready to go when you decide to get a sweat on – no procrastination! 
  • Have a similar general routine and structure to your days, same you as you would whilst you’re going to work every day. For example, wake up at the same time each day, always workout in the morning, go to the shop at a similar time…having that familiarity of structure and routine to your day will really help 
  • Wake up at a decent time every day. Of course, some people love waking up super early and others prefer to lie in until early afternoon, and if you are the latter, I recommend being up no later than 9am. On my days off, I always get up around this time because I feel like I’ve got the whole day ahead of me to get errands done and also have some time to relax! 


I guarantee taking some of these steps will help your motivation so much, and allow you to stay productive whilst you’re staying at home. 


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Author: athina