Steely Determination At Chiswick Cinema

The long awaited Chiswick Cinema is well on the way and we were delighted to get a sneak preview of the construction work.

Steel work is now being installed in the shell of the building. A massive crane is sitting within the building and with the help of the construction manager you can just make out the outline of the five screens and members area.

The Chiswick Cinema membership will be opening later in the year and the founder memberships have now sold out.

Lorna Ko caught up with Project Director Lyn Goleby to find out more.

The Chiswick Cinema is being constructed on the site of the former dance studios of Ballet Rambert. The building was acquired by Picturehouse Cinemas which was created and owned by Lyn Goleby. When Picturehouse was sold, Lyn retained the Chiswick Cinema site.

All founder memberships have now sold out but a new release of memberships will be launched in the autumn. It is hoped that the cinema may be able to open it’s doors before the end of the year.

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