West 4 Gym

W4 Gym girls

10A Sutton Lane
North Chiswick,
W4 4LD

Overview: Categorised as a boxing gym, the Club also offers broad range of fitness services.

West 4 gym is a small independant gym with membership restricted to a maximum of 300 Spartans. “As one of the 300 Spartans you are part of a real, friendly club community and you can play an active part in creating something special. It also means the club is able to offer a bespoke and dedicated service.

West 4 is proud of what it has achieved over the last 38 years. It is the longest serving gym in Chiswick. Over 60,000 people – that is the number the club has helped to lead a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Over 5,000 people have used West 4 personal trainers.

West 4 Spartans have run marathons completed triathlons, climbed mountains, competed at international level and one even made it into space.

Membership is flexible starting at £65 per month ‘Pay as you go’ or £550 for individual annual membership. Open 0700-2130 except weekends close at 1700.


Tel 0208 747 1713