Zen Maitri’s Natural Health Apothecary will open its doors on Monday, January 14th at no.39 Turnham Green Terrace, Chiswick in premises formerly occupied by Cassius & Coco.

The Natural Health Apothecary is bringing a touch of Bali to West London. The store will offer bespoke herbal products made to order, consultations across the spectrum of natural health, and classes in Meditation, Breathwork and Pranayama.

The Natural Health Apothecary is an apothecary in two senses of the word, with an expert team blending herbal products in-store as well as offering a blend of different approaches and treatments.

The concept is a collaboration between Zen Resort Bali, a holistic Ayurvedic wellness resort in Bali, Indonesia, and Maitri Health, a natural health store in Streatham, South London.

Each brings over 30 years of experience in their respective fields to provide clients with an integrated, empowering approach to health and wellbeing.

The store consists of a stunning, Balinese-furnished retail space and apothecary upstairs where clients can consult with Zen Maitri’s in-house herbalists and nutritionist, and a serene downstairs studio for consultations and guided sessions in Meditation, Breathwork and Pranayama.

Zen Maitri’s highly-qualified team will take a holistic approach to serve customer’s needs, with consultations covering all aspects of wellbeing and packages available to those who wish to combine different treatments and classes on a regular basis. Staff work from the foundation that health and wellbeing are multi-dimensional, and that no single avenue can provide all the answers. Instead, clients will be encouraged to approach their health from a holistic perspective.

Zen Maitri’s products, services, and team of experts combine the best of modern science with traditional systems of wellbeing, including Ayurveda and Herbalism. Customised herbal products including teas, creams and tinctures are made to order.

“We strive to ground each of our products with science,” says co-founder and pharmacist Krishan Dhokia.

“Zen Maitri calls upon years of accumulated experience and expertise to recommend the best combination of products and treatments to our clients. We want to embrace the merits of traditional approaches to wellness alongside modern medicine.”

The Turnham Green Terrace location is perfect for the inviting environment Zen Maitri wishes to create for its clients and the community focus the company is eager to establish.

“Turnham Green Terrace was an obvious choice because of its status as a hub for independent, community-aligned businesses,” says Dhokia. “We can’t wait to serve the Chiswick community by delivering the highest quality customer service alongside our transformative approach to health and wellbeing.

“This will be done not only by selling unique products and services but also through offering free community workshops to improve awareness of how small steps can have a huge impact on happiness, wellbeing and quality of life,” he added