Chiswick councillors arranged a Public Summit to discuss issues around the policing of Chiswick. Attended by Superintendent Gary Taylor, the Deputy (West Area) Commander and his locally based colleagues, the packed and sometimes angry meeting was held at St Michael and All Angels Church. The full meeting is shown here and you can jump to specific sections by clicking the links below.

00:00:10 – Introduction by Cllr Sam Hearn
00:03:18 – Welcome by Torin Douglas
00:07:42 – Opening words by Superintendent Gary Taylor
00:12:43 – Policing Chiswick
00:18:54 – Pledge from Superintendent Gary Taylor
00:21:09 – Question: Does Chiswick have effective policing and is crime increasing?
00:23:12 – Question: Response time
00:29:00 – Question: Recent muggings on Chiswick Back Common
00:36:27 – Commitment: Visibility of Police officers at peak demand times
00:41:18 – Question: Areas with low footfall
00:43:16 – Question: Clear up rate
00:46:10 – Question: Children feel unsafe in Chiswick
00:48:33 – Question: Response time and communication
00:52:04 – Question: What brings gangs into Chiswick?
00:58:22 – Question: Gun crime in Chiswick – how can we trust the Police when information is withheld?
01:03:50 – Question: How should we protect ourselves?
01:07:55 – Question: 12 year old mugged – no contact by Police
01:12:45 – Question: Safe place
01:15:20 – Question: Why do the Police not know what’s going on in Chiswick?
01:18:42 – Question: Drug crime in Chiswick
01:20:07 – Question: The old Police station looks abandoned – is morale at rock bottom?
01:21:52 – Question: Street lighting
01:28:00 – Question: What will you be doing to improve policing as a result of this meeting?
01:28:40 – Question: Gang crime and drug pushing in Chiswick
01:31:35 – Comment from Rocks Lane Sports Centre
01:33:18 – Question: Local intelligence and capable guardians
01:36:36 – Comment from Ruth Cadbury MP
01:40:13 – Question: Are the street lights still being switched off?