What is Chiswickbuzz?

Chiswickbuzz.net is a new local tv channel for Chiswick.  We are particularly eager to showcase all that is great about Chiswick.  Our videos mainly feature lifestyle and events in and around Chiswick.  We are passionate about highlighting the fabulous community in Chiswick and championing the “shop local” agenda.

Are you Chiswick Life tv?

No.  We have no connection whatsoever with the former Chiswick Life tv.

Are you part of ChiswickW4.com?

No.  We love ChiswickW4.  It has a proud and longstanding reputation and is the top news website for Chiswick.  Our aim is to provide a complementary tv channel featuring Chiswick lifestyle and events.

How can we get our local community events listed on your website?

Easy!  Just click here and fill in the form.

How can we invite you to cover our event?

Just click here to give us all the information.

I’ve got a great idea for a programme – how can I tell you about it?

We welcome suggestions for programmes.  Just complete the form here and we’ll be in touch.

How can we advertise on Chiswickbuzz?

Easy!  Fill in the form here and we’ll get in touch with you straight away!

I’m having trouble registering on your site – can you help?

Yes – and sorry for the problem.  Sometimes our spam blockers get over enthusiastic and start blocking legitimate visitors.  Please fill in the form here and we’ll ensure that you can register on the site.

I’d like to work for Chiswickbuzz – how can I apply?

We’ve got a form for that too!  Click here and we’ll be in touch.