Belmont School Garden Blossoms With Creativity

Belmont School in Chiswick have transformed a former car park area into a new garden. With the guidance and help from Chiswick Horticultural Society, the School encourages their pupils to take an active part in looking after the plants. With a huge range of flowers, vegetables and herbs, the garden is a huge asset to the children and provides a wonderful sight to those visiting the school.

Lorna Ko was treated to a spectacular tour of the garden and chatted to some of the children.

Chiswick Horticultural Society proved help and support to local schools who want to develop their own gardens. The Society’s School Project Co-Ordinator, John Gill also organises visits to local allotments and runs the annual Centenary Plate award for local schools.

You can join Chiswick Horticultural for just £8 per year. Check out their website at

You can see some of the winners of the 2018 Centenary Plate Competition here