Chiswick COVID-19 Mutual Aid Facebook Group


A special Facebook group has been set up as a contact point for local volunteers and volunteering groups in the W4 area during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The group has been set up by Phillippa Griffin who is a Project Manager at the London School of Hygene and Tropical Medicine.

The group has quickly grown to more than 800 members. They share collective responsibility for ensuring that everyone who receives and offers help stays safe and supported at all times.

**If you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, if you may have been in contact recently with someone who is, or if you’re part of an at-risk group (elderly, immunocompromised etc.), please follow all necessary precautions issued by the UK government and the NHS and do not provide in-person support.**

1) Facilitate a non-hierarchical platform for people to self-organise into ‘hyper-local’ groups (e.g. street level) and support neighbours in their locality.

2) Share guidance and suggested best practice to enable help to be offered and received safely at all times, and for risks and issues to be anticipated and logged.

3) Liaise with official organisations in Chiswick and the surrounding area e.g. charities and churches who require volunteers. Share these opportunities in the group.

4) Facilitate a non-hierarchical platform to discuss suggestions, uncertainties and problems.

5) If needed, provide a central contact point (Facebook, email and phone) for requests for help.