Last year, Chiswick resident and former intellectual property lawyer Roxxi Memarian, launched pet superfood company Roxxi’s Superfood Meaty Treats for Dogs.

Roxxi says, “we actually launched during covid which pushed me to focus on an important  (often overlooked) cause which I am incredibly passionate about.

I previously worked at a Veterinary clinic and the harmful effects of dogs eating low quality treats (since they have treats so often) was something I really wanted to spread awareness about.”

Roxxi’s Treats claim to reverse severe allergies and sensitive prone tummies for four legged friends using 100% natural and superfood ingredients such as flax seeds, chia seeds, spirulina or turmeric. Even the colourful ‘icing’ and ‘sprinkles’ are natural.  

Roxxie states that Petfood companies tend to rely on their customers ignoring the labels that list  cheap ingredients such as fillers, artificial preservatives, additives & colours to keep their products at a low cost.

Roxxie adds, “We set about this journey by adopting a fresh & contemporary approach to the traditional remedial recipes that are known to be Beneficial to our OWN health and wellbeing. Roxxi’s translated these remedial recipes into a food dogs love so that dogs can now benefit from eating nutrient rich foods.”