Fitessology Sports Gym

Hogarth Youth Centre
Duke Rd
Chiswick W4  2JR

Overview – Fitnessology offers a full suite of fitness solutions including fitness machines and free weights. Leon D’Elia, Simon Darius and Miriam Hassan, the three full time trainers focus on delivering bespoke training programmes to address the clients specific needs, whether that be weight loss or to build and tone muscle.

Leon D’Elia is an Advanced Fitness Instructor Level 3, Circuit Instructor and a qualified ABAE (Amateur Boxing Association of England) Tutor. He hails from the East end of London. By his own admission, life could have turned out very differently if he had not committed to the sport at a young age competing with Fitzroy Amateur Boxing Club.


Tel: 07940 704072

Chiswickbuzz View: Leon has launched a new boxing club and set of programmes for 2020. These involve circuits covering, fitness, bag work, agility and sparring. Costs vary based on the number of sessions booked. Leon is able to run boxing fitness sessions if required but also has the skills to offer competitive training to those wishing to potentially step into the ring for real!

FYI Leon is working with the Hogarth Youth Centre to offer inexpensive boxing lessons for less privileged kids from the area.

Leon and ChiswickBuzz have a close relationship. I am confident he will feature in future sports articles.