Lightopia Brings A Blaze Of Colour To Chiswick

The Lightopia Festival at Chiswick House launched in a blaze of colour. The handmade, silk installations combine ancient techniques of Chinese lantern making with modern technology to create a magical new world, with the theme for this year’s inaugural event being “Harmony.”

The event features acrobats, musicians and 47 groups of light installations. The Tree of Light centrepiece is a 10m tall sculpture, surrounded by 20 drums. Lightopians change the tree’s colours illuminating the night sky, ensuring an ever-changing installation which allows visitors to become a part of the artistic experience.

Elsewhere, a stunning, 18m peacock synchronises with music, as light pulses through its wings in time with the beat. And a breathtaking field of 70,000 individual roses will flicker and blaze across an expanse of land.

Lorna Ko stepped into the wonderland of light and chtted to the Director and designer of the Chiswick light show 2020.

You can book tickets to Lightopia here. It’s the best Chiswick light show 2020.