Firstly, if you do not want to workout at home, that is TOTALLY FINE!!! But if you wanting to continue exercising at home, these tips might help! 

  • Set out a PLAN. Are you doing full body workouts? Are you splitting your workouts into muscle groups? How much cardio and what forms of cardio do you want to do? I usually plan each week ahead every Sunday night so I can exactly what I’m doing for the forthcoming week 
  • Workout at the SAME TIME every day. Whether that is morning or afternoon or 12am, whatever time works best for you and whatever time you feel most energised and motivated to exercise! 
  • SWITCH IT UP! Now is the perfect opportunity to try something new and add variety to your workouts. I’ve recently started yoga and I absolutely love it and I wish I had started it earlier. You might find something brand new that you fall in love with, that you would not have tried if the gyms weren’t closed 
  • Do what you ENJOY. Workouts should not be torture; yes, they should be challenging, but you should still have fun whilst doing it 
  • Workout with family or friends (or you pets) if you are struggling with motivation or feeling like your workouts are a bit boring. Find people who can motivate you and make the experience more enjoyable

I hope these tips help you if you’re feel ‘meh’ about working out at the moment

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