Middlesex Wing Chun Kuen [kung Fu]


All Saints Church,  

Elm Grove Road,  

Ealing W5 3JH 

Overview: We run an informal but hard working class, dedicated to exploring the Wing Chun system and making it work for the individual. It is our goal that each student can get what they need from the system and the classes, with all students working closely with the chief instructor. There are many aspects of Wing Chun training, from the intellectual analysis of sticking hands (instantaneous, 3-dimentional, energy-based chess) and relaxation and focus methodologies, to the brutal reality of it’s use in the real world. Anyone is welcome to train, everyone is a valued student. Wing Chun Kuen taught in a traditional, holistic manner, offering safe enjoyable training which successfully combines a highly practical and effective street self-protection training with health and fitness to help ward off injury. 

The complete, undiluted Wing Chun system taught systematically within an informal training environment, allowing individuals to progress at their own pace and explore their own individuality. 

Special weekend seminars covering all aspects of Wing Chun self-defence, acupressure, psychology and Positive Mental Attitude methodology.
Classes – mixed ability Sundays 1915-21.15 – £15.90 per class or 16 class pack for £84.80 

Saturday 1:1 classes are available at £106 per class. 

Tel. UK (+44) 0330 122 4572 

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