Fujian White Crane – Kung Fu

white crane

Westside School
8-30 Galena Rd
London W6 0LT

Note- Google search brings up a centre on Bath Road W4 – this no longer operates.

Overview: The style taught in our classes is Tiger Crane Combination Kung Fu, an acknowledged part of the White Crane System of Kung Fu. It is a hard, external style. Stances are low and powerful, rooted to provide stability, but providing explosive spring power when moving. The torso is trained to generate power for the arms and absorb the lower body’s motion to maintain stability. The arms and shoulders are fast and free-moving, switching between defence and attack as needed. The hand and wrist movements are particularly elegant and expressive, characteristic of all White Crane traditional styles.

Classes Thursdays 1830 -1930

Costs not set out clearly on extensive website.