Ingenious Irrigation At A Chiswick Allotment

A local Chiswick allotment owner has pioneered a new irrigation system. David Kimpton rents a plot at one of Chiswick’s allotments and quickly realised that one of the most onerous tasks was to water the plot every evening.

After considerable research and some impressive ingenuity, David purchased from various parts from ebay and Irrigatia, who were developing a new solar powered pump system.

David’s new system has created quite a stir among fellow allotment owners who are intrigued and inspired by the innovative irrigation invention.

Lorna Ko visited the allotment to find out more.

You can discover more information about the Irrigatia system here

The Chiswick Horticultural And Allotments Society website can be found here. You can join the society for just £8 per year and don’t have to own an allotment to be a member.

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