Local Lockdown Heroes

Lockdown has been a challenging period for all. Whilst most of us have been grappling with personal issues associated with lockdown, a small minority have mobilised to help the vulnerable and less privileged in the community. Many, such as, Fiona and Tristan Hamilton-Fairley from Kids Cookery School acted off their own initiative, using their particular skill to prepare wholesome meals for local care homes. Shereen Serry co-ordinated food collections and recruited volunteers like Caroline Maber and Susannah Philips to provide help at scale and linked up with Colin Brent a Youth Leader with Ealing Council.

In Parallel, established charities like City Harvest, through the significant contributions of Nikki Tadema, Tay Moti, Francesca Santucci and Fiona Carney redoubled efforts to distribute food stuff to accommodate increased demand and drop off supplies to multiple groups supplying thousands of meals per day.

This short film shows the work of some of the delivery drivers and what makes them tick. In addition, separate short videos look at the contributions from:

Colin Brent at Bollo Brook Youth Centre:


As well as Kids Cookery school:


And life at City Harvest:


Chiswickbuzz has aimed to give an insight into the work taking place behind the scenes. Graft undertaken for free by committed locals……Some may call them unsung heroes.

Postscript – In the process of making these films, one theme remains common. The need and demand for foodbank meals is increasing at an alarming rate. Many children are going hungry in West London. Furthermore, the economic impact of CV19 means this problem is likely to get worse in the foreseeable future. This raises the question…. Are we prepared to tolerate this in modern times?