Grab your dumbbells and get ready for an intense lower body workout (but if you don’t have dumbbells, you can do every one of these exercises without them)!

This workout involves three supersets. Sounds fancy and complicated, but a superset is simply two exercises performed back to back without any rest in between. This is an amazing training technique that enables you to increase the intensity of your workout and really get a sweat on! 


Superset 1: 

Goblet Squats x12 (holding dumbbell up by chest, legs shoulder width apart) 

Sumo Squats x12 (holding dumbbell down between legs, legs with a wide stance) 


Rest for 1 minute 


Superset 2: 

Narrow Squats x10 (holding dumbbell up by sides, legs with a narrow stance) 

Jumping Squats x15 


Rest for 1 minute 


Superset 3: 

Reverse lunges x10 each leg 

Jumping lunges x15 


Rest for 2 minutes before repeating the whole workout. Repeat for a total of 3-4 times 


Honestly, this was one of those workouts that seemed easy when I wrote it down, but was much harder than I expected! Give it a go and see for yourself! 


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